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What is Gynaecology?

Gynecologist in Nashik - Dr. Abhay Sukhatme

Gynaecology is the medical term which means to treat the health of the female reproductive organs (vagina, ovaries and uterus) and breasts.

To become a gynecologist, a person must train for Doctor for first 4 years and then specializes another 4 years in the field of Gynecology & Obstetrics. For registration and certification they had to clear examination.

gynecologist treats overall health of their female patients. He also deals with the female reproductive system, such as breast and hormonal problems, urinary tract and pelvic disorders, prolapse, fibroid and cancer of the cervix.

Gynecologist in Nashik_Dr. Abhay Sukhatme
Gynecologist in Nashik_Dr. Abhay Sukhatme

When to Visit Gynecologist?

Signs that indicates urgent visit to Gynecologists:


During the menstrual cycle prior to menopause, vaginal bleeding and discharge are a normal part.


However, if anything different or unusual thing noticed, than consult physician before attempting to treat the problem yourself.


May be symptoms of the infection result easy to treat, they can lead to more serious conditions if not treated properly, including infertility or kidney damage.


When to Consult Gynecologist?

  • If you need to urinate frequent or urgently
  • If you feel any burning sensation during urination
  • If abnormal vaginal bleeding, during or after intercourse
  • If you have a pain in your pelvis which is different from menstrual cramps
  • If vaginal discharge increased
  • If during intercourse, you feel pain or discomfort
Dr. Abhay Sukhatme_Gynaecologist in Nashik